Candy Crush Saga Screen Shot

Candy Crush Saga Loses Lives after Switch to New Phone

Well, like you, I found out the hard way that switching to a new phone causes you to lose all the extra lives you paid for or collected from your Facebook friends.  But all is not lost……….. all you have to do is continue to play out the rest of your lives on your old phone.  They are all still there even though the phone number is deactivated.  You can also use all the bonus candies you’ve collected.  The old phone can be used to play games, surf the internet, access Pinterest, Facebook and any other sites you’re used to surfing.  Just think of your old phone as a mini computer. As long as the phone is on your wifi network via router or anyone else’s, you can still use it for all of the above, except for phoning through your service provider.  You can still phone using internet calling apps such as Skype or Viber or any other online calling app that uses data.

As for playing the game on your new phone, if you’ve logged in using Facebook, you can continue your progress where you left off on your old phone, but without all the lives and bonus Candies you acquired before. However, you can start accumulating on any of your devices, whether it’s your old phone, your new phone, your tablet, laptop or Facebook.  If you lose all your lives playing on your new phone, you can continue at the same level on your old phone with your full 5 lives and any others that you’ve accumulated on that phone.  Once you use them all up, you can continue on your tablet or Facebook or both. Every time you pass a level, it updates on all of your devices so long as you’re logged into Facebook on all of them, so that the next time you decided to play on another device, you will find your progress updated on that device.  The only things that don’t get transferred to other devices is the amount of lives previously accumulated and bonus candies acquired.  When other people send you lives and moves, whichever device you log onto, that will be the device that acquires those lives at that time.

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