Computer Desktop Rotated

Shortcuts to rotate screen on Windows Computer or laptop

Well today, I rediscovered an old trick I used to know and totally forgot about….. the hard way.  There I was, busy editing a picture when I used a shortcut I thought I had always used only to find the entire screen had rotated.  It’s pretty hard to control the mouse when everything has gone sideways!  Haha!  Here is the solution to a rotated desktop screen, like the one below:


  1.  Right-click on an empty spot on your desktop and choose “Display settings” as you see below:
  2.  Just below “Orientation” there is a dropdown menu….. choose “Landscape” as you see below and click “Apply”.
  3. Click on “Apply Changes” and you’re done.

You can also use the shortcuts you see below to cycle through the different orientation options.

Ctrl + Alt + Top Arrow Key – Rotates the screen right side up (toolbar on bottom).

Ctrl + Alt + Bottom Arrow Key – Rotates the screen upside down (toolbar on top).

Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow Key – Rotates the screen right (toolbar on left)

Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow Key – Rotates the screen left (toolbar on right)


Ctrl + Winkey (Windows Key) – Cycles through all your virtual desktops.

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